East-West Philanthropists Summit I

Aug.19, 2018Yinchuan China

From August 18-19, the Ningxia Yanbao Charity Foundation and CGPI jointly sponsored the Ningxia Sustainability Summit in Yinchuan. The Ningxia Baofeng Group, East-West Philanthropy Forum (EWPF), Beijing Normal University and China Philanthropy Research Institute (CPRI) also provided support.
The summit brought together China, US and other international government and non-profit leaders to discuss climate change, poverty alleviation, education and medical care. Through the lens of global experience and wisdom, the summit focused on new challenges and initiatives, progress, and success stories, and featured several site visits in the Yinchuan area, including the largest solar field in the world, which Dang Yanbao has combined with a goji berry poverty alleviation project. Summit leaders connected around the importance of using joint efforts on poverty reduction and sustainable development for a better future.

China’s Special Representative for Climate Change Affairs, Xie Zhenhua, pointed out that tackling climate change and achieving sustainable development require the participation of the whole society. The collaboration of entrepreneurs, nonprofits and the public sector is crucial.

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