The East-West Philanthropy Forum (EWPF) is an international network of action-oriented philanthropists and their families from East and West dedicated to developing partnerships that impact today’s most urgent environmental and social challenges. EWPF is supported by and works closely with the East-West Philanthropy Circle (EWPC) for prominent philanthropic leaders, and the International Philanthropic Innovation Circle (IPIC) for emerging young philanthropists.

East-West Philanthropic Leaders

The East-West Philanthropy Forum has successfully convened a series of international workshops, philanthropist summits, sustainability summits, round table conferences, bilateral forums, and other high-level international exchanges and meetings. The East-West Philanthropy Forum serves as the leading global platform for cross-cultural exchange and collaboration among prominent action-oriented philanthropists from East and West, addressing issues such as climate change, conservation and sustainability, social finance and innovation, medical care and public health, the empowerment of women and youth, and family and cultural legacy. Driven by “united actions” and “innovative ideas”, the East-West Philanthropy Forum has contributed substantially to the establishment of many important joint philanthropy projects between China and the US and internationally, including the first China-US Joint Project on Conserving Coastal Wetlands in China, the China-US Joint Project on Constructing China’s National Parks System, the China Global Philanthropy Institute, and the first Rural Revitalization through Art Project in China.