To unite and lead prominent philanthropists from East and West in using high impact ideas and actions to address social and environmental challenges.

EWPF is the leading international platform for ideas, exchanges and positive actions among philanthropists.

Action-oriented leadership

Innovative problem solving ideas

Collaborative international partnership building

The East-West Philanthropy Forum is an international network of innovative action-oriented philanthropists dedicated to building partnerships that impact urgent social and environmental philanthropy to address issues such as climate change, wealth disparity, rural revitalization, public health, the empowerment of women and youth, and family and cultural legacy.


  • Launched China-Italy Philanthropy Forum under the East-West Philanthropy Forum
  • The China-Italy Philanthropy Forum (CIPF) was jointly organized by China Development Research Foundation (CDRF), China Global Philanthropy Institute (CGPI), and TOChina Hub as the first …

  • Renaissance for Children:East-West Philanthropic United Action Launched in China
  • The “Renaissance for Children”—Joint Education Project by China-Italy Philanthropy Families was officially launched at the rural remote Motai Center School of Ledu District, Haidong City, Qinghai…

  • Promoted the Obama Foundation Asia-Pacific Young Leaders Program
  • With the mission of “Leading and Uniting Young Philanthropists to Innovate for Good”, the International Philanthropic Innovation Circle (IPIC) of the East-West Philanthropy Forum cooperated with…