The East-West Philanthropy Forum was launched in 2010 as the China-US Strategic Philanthropy Partnership (CUSP) with more than 45 US and China nonprofit organizations. In 2014, the East-West Philanthropy Forum began hosting international summits, engaging top philanthropic leaders including Michael Bloomberg, Hank Paulson, Richard Rockefeller, Ray Dalio, Michael Milken, John Morgridge, Mark Nathanson, and James Morgan, along with Chinese philanthropists of similar stature such as Niu Gensheng, He Qiaonyu, Cao Dewang, Lu Dezhi, Dang Yanbao, and Wu Jianmin. In 2017, the East-West Philanthropy Forum registered independently as a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization in the US.

In 2019, the China-Italy Philanthropy Forum was officially established in Rome at a formal signing ceremony witnessed by President Xi Jinping from China and Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte from Italy. The China-Italy Philanthropy Forum serves as a long-term bilateral philanthropy exchange and cooperation mechanism within the framework of East-West Philanthropy Forum. Also launched in Rome at the time were the East-West Philanthropy Circle (EWPC), connecting leading global philanthropists through united actions and the International Philanthropic Innovation Circle (IPIC), guiding emerging philanthropists as they innovate for good.

  • 2010

  • Launching the China-US Strategic Philanthropy Partnership (CUSP)

  • 2011

  • Annual CUSP Workshop I

    China-US Media & Philanthropy Leaders Workshop

    United-Action: Initiated a China-US Children’s Museum Collaboration

  • 2012

  • Annual CUSP Workshop II

    China-US Social Venture Partners (SVP)-Social Entrepreneurship Exchange Tours Workshop

  • 2013

  • China-US Corporate Leadership and Corporate Social Responsibility Workshop

    China-US Philanthropy Leaders Dialogue Workshop

    China-US Workshop on Strategic Cooperation of Philanthropic Families: Lao Niu Foundation Exchange I

    Annual CUSP Workshop III

  • 2014

  • East-West Philanthropists Summit I

    Annual CUSP Workshop IV

    United-Action: Inspired the first Joint Initiative for China-US Coastal Wetland Protection

    United-Action: Initiated a China-US National Parks Collaboration

  • 2015

  • East-West Philanthropists Summit II

    China-US Workshop on Strategic Cooperation of Philanthropic Families: Lao Niu Foundation Exchange II

    Annual CUSP Workshop V

    United-Action: Launched the China Global Philanthropy Institute

    United-Action: Incubated the Richard Rockefeller Fellowship

  • 2016

  • East-West Philanthropists Summit III

    East-West Sustainability Summit I

    The Sustainability Leaders Luncheon I

    United-Action: Launched the United Fund

  • 2017

  • EWPF filed its registration for 501(c)(3) tax-exempt nonprofit status with the United States Federal Government

    Philanthropists Tour around the World: He Qiaonyu and Nature Conservation

    United-Action: Initiated the first East-West United Action on Big Cats Conservation

    United-Action: Developed the first East-West United Action on Rural Revitalization in China

  • 2018

  • East-West Philanthropists Summit IV

    East-West Sustainability Summit II

    United-Action: Incubated the China-US Sister Rivers Partnership

    United-Action: Created the Global Climate Action Initiative

    United-Action: Europe Impact Investment Study Tour

    United-Action: Launched the “Qiao Plan”

  • 2019

  • Initialed East-West Philanthropy Circle

    Initialed International Philanthropic Innovation Circle

    East-West Philanthropists Summit of China-Italy Philanthropy Forum

    China-Australia Philanthropy Round Table

    China-India Young Philanthropists Dialog

    China-US Young Leaders Workshop on Social Innovation

    Philanthropists Tour around the World: Exploration Tour to New Zealand

    Philanthropists Tour around the World: Niu Gensheng and Family Legacy

    United-Idea: Publication and Launching of With Art As My Weapon

  • 2020

  • United-Action: East-West United Actions for International Aid Against COVID-19

    United Action: “Renaissance for Children”—Joint Education Project by China-Italy Philanthropy Families

    United Idea: Publication and Launching of “On Public Interest Capital《公益资本论》”