East-West United Actions for International Aid Against COVID-19 in 2020

Feb.16, 2020

Immediately after the breakout of COVID-19 in January, 2020, the East-West Philanthropy Forum (EWPF) began working closely with our philanthropic partners to help address this serious global pandemic. We initiated the “East-West United Action: International Aid Against COVID-19” to help address this serious global pandemic.

On February 16, 2020, partnering with Tsinghua University Educational Foundation and Ministry of Civil Affairs of China, East-West Philanthropy Forum launched the first East-West United Action of Chinese and Japanese philanthropists against Coronavirus. With the coordination of EWPF, Huamin Charity Foundation chaired by Chinese philanthropist Mr. Lu Dezhi and Benesse Corporation China founded by Japanese philanthropist Mr. Soichiro Fukutake jointly purchased special protective gowns, goggles, shoe covers and face masks valued more than one million RMB from Europe for frontline anti-virus workers in Wuhan, China. This is also one of the first philanthropic collaborations against Coronavirus between China and Japan as one active response to and concrete implementation of building up a bilateral relationship in new ear called by leaders of two countries in late 2019.

East-West United Action for Fighting Against COVID-19 in Wuhan,China in February

From February to June, 2020, the key philanthropists, foundations and corporations in EWPF network joined East-West United Action by making generous donations of PPE worth more than five million RMB to Wuhan China, Italy, Canada, the US, France, the Philippines and other places with urgent needs, including:
— Lao Niu Foundation
— Mr. Soichoro Fukutake and Benesse Corporation China
— Huamin Charity Foundation
— Rockcheck Puji Foundation
— Lao Niu Brother & Sister Foundation
— Bluesail Medical Co., Ltd.
— OLENO Group
— Torchlight Club of China Council of Lions Clubs

Luca Ferrari, Italian Ambassador to China delivered remarks in the donation ceremony

Donated PPEs for Italy packed and labeled

Working closely together, the team of Chinese and international philanthropic partners included:
— China Development Research Foundation
— Peking University Education Foundation
— Tsinghua University Education Foundation
— TOChina Foundation of Turin University
— Wu Jianmin Foundation 
— Peking University Alumni Foundation of Canada.
— Foundation Prospective Et Innovation

East-West United Action for Fighting Against COVID-19 in France in April

East-West United Action for Fighting Against COVID-19 in Canada in June

Their active participation and timely and generous donations collectively demonstrate exemplary leadership in the fulfillment of social responsibility, and showcase the great value of global collaboration in philanthropy.

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